About Barbara


A passing interest in words turned into a passion in 1965 when the author won 1st place in the St. Genesius speech contest sponsored by the Archdiocese of St. Louis. As an uninitiated 8th grader, she started memorizing and reciting the well-crafted words of others… and making them her own. What followed was a lifelong love affair with the written and spoken word.

After graduating summa cum laude from California State University, Chico, Barbara Geshekter pursued a master’s degree in Industrial Psychology and graduated with distinction two years later. She pursued a career as a consultant, speechwriter and author in the foodservice industry. Her three best-selling books on human resources have been used by businesses across the US and Canada.

Ms. Geshekter’s most recent book, Words to That Effect: Well-turned Phrases to Read, Write or Recite, is a guide to effective communications for both personal and professional situations. In addition to an abundance of examples and key phrases, Words To That Effect offers talking points on communication strategies, philosophies and insights into the power of words, common mistakes to avoid when creating an effective and compelling communication.

An informative and entertaining trainer and keynote speaker, Ms. Geshekter lives in Chico, California, surrounded by good books and great friends and family.

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