Book Signing – Magna Carta

Barbara at Book Signing

I don’t know if the comment that I wrote went anywhere. So, I’ll just redo this. I didn’t know that you wanted me to rewrite these until I got an email from Kristen this week-end. I thought since this copy was my first go at it, you would take the next shot at making it better.There were some minor changes and punctuation that got dropped. Not muchAbout the Author

A casual interest in words turned into a passion in 1965 when the author won 1st place in the St. Genesius speech contest sponsored by the Archdiocese of St. Louis. As an uninitiated 8th grader, she started memorizing and reciting the well-crafted words of others…and making them her own. What followed was a lifelong love affair with the written and spoken word; an addiction to cross word puzzles; a masters degree in industrial psychology; and a career as a consultant, author and speaker. A fitting list of avocations for a girl the nuns suspected of being vaccinated with a record needle. Ms. Geshekter lives in Chico, CA surrounded by good books and great friends and family.