About the Book


The more ways we have to communicate the less skilled we are at conveying what’s truly on our mind or in our heart.


Words To That Effect is an indispensable resource for people who know what they want to say, but don’t know how to say it.

Choosing the right words to convey precise thoughts or intimate feelings can be a time-consuming challenge. Rather than struggle on your own, psychologist, speech-writer and consultant Barbara Geshekter recommends using her carefully crafted apologies, thank-you notes, sympathy letters, professional correspondences, snappy comebacks—even love letters—as a place to begin your personalized communications.

Use these gems verbatim or customize them. Email them or hand-write them, recite them from memory or read them over the phone during an important call. In addition to an abundance of examples and key phrases, Words To That Effect offers talking points on communication strategies, philosophies and insights into the power of words, common mistakes to avoid, and subtle nuances to help you compose and convey an effective and compelling communication.

Much of the difficulty in communicating daily with others can be overcome by implementing the simple guidelines and helpful techniques presented in this practical guide to gracious, effective communication for every occasion.

Read a selection or buy the book and enjoy! Oh, and if you happen to have a communication challenge of your own, Ask Barbara…